Hello! I am Jen Perkin.

I refuse to commit: to an identity, a job, or place to call home. Though I identifies as a global citizen, for now I resides in the cozy bubble Melbourne’s inner north. Just a few of the things I have done for money include writing about music, talking about mezcal, and running a chaotic creative space in Mexico. I am currently finishing up studies in social work/mental health while working in homelessness and primary prevention of gendered violence. I  am recovering technophobe and a latecomer to podcasts who gets unreasonably excited about noise rock music and just about any kind of food.

A couple of CV snapshots include: 

  • NCTJ trained journalist with over a decade of experience in print and online writing and editing. I write mostly about travel and music.
  • The founder of an independent creative space, coworking space and hotelito called Convivio in Oaxaca, Mexico. For the 3 years that Convivio existed it hosted residencies, concerts, film festivals, art exhibitions, parties, happenings and more. It also won the Coworker.com award ‘Oaxaca Coworking Space of the Year’ in 2018.
  • A winner of a COALAR Australian Government grant in 2017. This allowed me to hold the very first Trueque Festival in Oaxaca – an exchange focused on coffee in Mexico and Australia. It took place in February 2018 and was a big success (and a lot of fun).
  • One blissful pre-Covid year in New York spent managing the Smorgasburg market in Brooklyn and slinging agave spirits with Fidencio Spirits on the side.

    I am currently in Melbourne, Australia and looking for new exciting things. Get in touch!   

Contact me at: jperkin@journalist.com | +61 420 720 923 | @jhperkin


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